Derry Benjamin Shribman

One of the most brilliant technologists in the world who has worked to promote trust and freedom in the world, using technological tools!

A 9-year-old programmer and serial entrepreneur who succeeded in startup after startup he founded. He started with DASoft at age 13, an engineer at ChipExpress, Optibase, and even at CheckPoint in its early years, and founded many educational institutions AudioMail, KRFTech, Jungo, Hola, Luminati, HolaCDN, Spark, HolaVPN, EyeContact, LIF and many more - all under the umbrella of the Torah and the DNA - a practical technology interpretation of the Torah for the Hi-Tech and business world.

Starting with the Z80 Assembly of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, through the SID and sprites of the COMMODORE 64, built a 300Baud modem, worked with communication satellites, set up and operated BBSs, developed an Embedded version for Linux and with it the first Residential Gateway in a world based. Open source - OpenRG, and development of many products in the field of IPTV, IPPBX VoIP VOD, P2P Streaming.

Derry also wrote many patents, including: DHCP accelerator in 2005, DNS accelerator, went on to HTTP P2P accelerator, P2P Proxy, caching systems, and groundbreaking P2P algorithms to enable streaming.

From a deep libertarian worldview, all of his ventures were opened by him, almost entirely for the free and free use of the open source community. So too have all his products come to free the internet from censorship and restrictions, starting with NationZone by the creation of free WiFi, through Hola which thanks to groundbreaking P2P technology, allowed the Turks to access Twitter when Erdogan was offended by them and blocked them in 2014. So too Hola is increasing freedom in Russia by opening a Facebook block in the country, and even thanks to it the Pakistanis were able to educate from Wikipedia blocked by the authorities. This allows free and open access to the Internet for anyone without vested gatekeepers. Among the many countries in which the company operates, where its services are considered particularly popular, can be found dictatorships and totalitarian countries such as Syria where Wikipedia use is restricted, Turkey, where most social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Belarus, Bahrain, North Korea, Russia and more. Thus, Hola reached over 100 million users!

True to his devotion, admiration and following of the Torah, Derry always required that all his genius and revolutionary inventions, including all his source code, patents and know-how, will be freely released to the Open Source community, available to all, and let anyone use them freely, learn from them, all in his never-ending goal to make people’s life better.

Since 1996 Derry introduced and developed the DNA values that were the essence of the existence of all his ventures and businesses to which all were committed to. The DNA values rested on the principles and foundations taught to us by our forefathers and which are engraved in the Torah of Israel. Over the years we have come to discover that these principles and foundations of our holy bible are not mistakenly anachronistic, and are in fact a recipe for success and prosperity, as proven many times by many commercial companies that implemented revolutionary technological ideas by following the DNA.

Derry founded a vast network of educational institutes that gathered unqualified students from all over the world and transformed them into successful professionals. Derry empowered over 1,500 students, many of whom were oppressed, discriminated against or unskilled, that had no other real chance to succeed in life, to become successful engineers, product managers and many other professions. All by assimilating the DNA values into them and making sure they meticulously rehearsed and followed it. His teaching methods were inspired from the ancient Jews orthodx “HEDER” tradition, where the tough fearful Rabbi teaches his students the Torah to make sure it’s truths engraved in their hearts forever.

In his educational institutes, the admissions tests were basic and direct, focusing on the person's integrity, morality and desire to make the world a better place. No complex or tricky interview process. Just being honest was enough to get admitted. Till this date, no one was ever able to fully pass interviews, but for Derry, seeing a glimpse of hope for integrity was enough to get admitted.

His desire and actions to make the world a better place goes back to 1982, out of a strong desire to spread the DNA of the Torah, his late grandmother Adv. Rivka Katz, founded "Justice-Ethics-Morals Association for their advancement, research and teaching in the nation and in the world”. In the late 90s he had the privilege of expanding the association's activities to the practical field of professional training and today he is honored being head of network of educational and training institutions for morals, business and Hi-Tech, all under the wings of the same association, with a glorious and long tradition of 25 years. Many of its graduates joined in the Hi-Tech business and contributed to the prosperity of the State of Israel

Following Derry’s success, he sees it as his moral duty and life mission to share the fruits he has gained over the years back to the world. He is deeply involved in many philanthropic activities.