The Hola Group

Hola Org Ltd

Our vision

Hola is all about creating the best products in the world.
We always focus on the creating the most advanced distrupting software to improve the day to day life of everyone.
Hola's mission is to promote Liberty, Independence and Freedoom accroos manknid. Hola is a key contributer to the LIF open source project.
Creating great products that will impact every person in the world is an immense task. Succeeding requires a culture of professionalism, consistency, learning and rapid change. We imitate this culture from nature -- we define our DNA, and we change it as we learn new and better things.
Our DNA is the company mandatory ethical way of conduct, and "modus operandum", that is required from anyone acting on behalf of Hola, or using its brand. It is our "bible" on how to do things right and creating the most amazing software and products.

Hola Standard Trademark Usage Guidelines

Any business, division or company that use the Hola brand must adhere to the the Hola Standard Trademark Usage Guidelines:
  • Must follow and obey the DNA, as interpreted by the moral authority of Hola’s Top CEO
  • Must get written notice for any usage of the Hola brand
  • Any site, product or app that use the Hola brand must comply with all Google and Apple store policies
  • Any site, product or app that use the Hola brand cannot promote installation of any other application - The Hola brand stand for AMAZING software
  • You cannot register a trademark. All trademarkes will be owned by Hola
  • Add a clear notice in their SLA and FAQ that the use of the Hola brand is licensed from Hola: “The Hola brand is licensed from the Hola group”

Hola (Tax ID: 515689289, formerly 514114842)

15-Oct-2007 Derry Benjamin Shribman founded Hola
16-Mar-2008 Legal registration with legal name Zon Networks Ltd, Tax ID: 514114842
23-Feb-2009 Legal name update to Hypernet Communication Ltd
12-Jan-2010 Legal name update to Hola Tikshoret Ltd
29-Aug-2010 Legal name update to Hola Networks Ltd
13-Jul-2017 Legal name changed to Hola Newco Ltd, new Tax ID: 515689289
10-Aug-2017 Hola founded child company Luminati, Tax ID: 514114842
18-Sep-2017 Hola founded child company HolaVPN, Tax ID: 515719813
15-Mar-2018 Legal name changed to Web Spark Ltd
24-Jun-2021 Legal name changed to Hola Org Ltd

Hola child company: Luminati (Tax ID: 514114842)

10-Aug-2017 Hola founded child company Luminati
29-Oct-2017 Legal name update to Luminati (Israel) LTD
05-Nov-2017 Legal name update to Luminati Networks Ltd
14-Mar-2021 Legal name update to Brightdata Ltd

Hola child company: HolaVPN (Tax ID: 515719813)

18-Sep-2017 Hola founded child company HolaVPN
18-Sep-2017 HolaVPN registered with legal name Hola VPN Ltd, Tax ID: 515719813

The group business units:

  • Hola Spark
  • HolaCDN
  • Hola LIF
  • Hola Phone
  • Hola Piano
  • Hola Video Player
  • Hola Torrent Player
  • Hola Anti Ad Remover
  • Hola Coin
  • Hola Shopping
  • Hola Connection Manager
  • Hola Accelerator
  • Eyecontact
  • Luminati
  • HolaVPN
  • More are in development... Soon :-)

For more information contact us
Founder, President


Prior to founding Hola, Derry Benjamin Shribman founded Jungo to develop the leading operating system for home routers. In 2006 Jungo was acquired by NDS (Cisco) for $107M. It employed 170 people and was profitable. He then had a thesis that HTTP could be re-invented to make the Internet much faster and more open. He started Hola.


We love learning. We are constantly refining our DNA to continue to learn as a group.